Feel the excitement of seeing new places and people again!


Feel the excitement of seeing new places again!


It is not only about exploring the world of cultures with us!

Our mission in Culure Quest Tours is helping you to travel to any special destination you desire. 
On the virtual tours, we take you through lots of historic and natural sites. while the guide sharing stories of the past and current times of those locations. To make the experience even more engaging you can share as little or as much as you like about yourselves and our guides will be there to answer all of your specific questions about the tour locations.

The well-curated tours rich of high quality multimedia will be an authentic experience. Something to give you a great sense of the places you are curious about and love to travel to.  On top of all, the participants will come up with a perfect personal travel plan for the time they want to make it happen.

Virtual tour of Persepolis

On this online tour whick will be through ZOOM and live on Facebook, On this tour, I will take you around this most important heritage site of Iran, and share so many stories and surprises of this incredible ancient site.

Virtual tours with local guides:

Virtual tours will be conducted through zoom and is hosted by local guides.
They’re typically on weekends 10:30am and 8pm Australian Eastern time, 12pm European time and 7pm and 8:30 US Eastern time.

Virtual tours of Iran

Virtual tour of Persia

Explore an ancient land through modern technology, — local guide presenting main cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd.


Silk road stories - virtual tour of Uzbekistan

Travel along ancient Silk road and visit Samarkand and Bukhara - the two most affluent cities along this road.

virtual tour of Armenia

Virtual tour of Armenia

Visit Yerevan and enjoy amazing Armenian culture and its beautiful churches in their amazing natural settings.

Top Melbourne walking tours

Small group walking tours to show the hidden gems of Melbourne


Classic walking tour of Melbourne

Melbourne features culture, magnificent architecture and beautiful gardens. On this tour feel Melbourne and its culture, with your heart and soul.

Hipster tour of Melbourne

Melbourne trouble makers tour

As name suggests, this walking tour is about the groups who were against mainstream culture. From alternative artists to political activists, and from social reformers to criminals. Some bright characters and some other dark ones.

road - Migrant Tour - ethnic tour - hipster tourSydney

Tour of Brunswick

See the best of the city and hear the stories of its locals. With a CULTURAL EXPERIENCE TOUR you will learn about the influence of the diverse ethnic communities settled in Melbourne

We will go to these places soon!

Our team is actively working to onboard new destinations!


Visit the land of snow leopard- Virtual tour of Tajikistan

Visit the Tajikistan and its amazing nature - explore around Pamir mountains and listen to its stories.


Virtual tour of Georgia - coming soon

Visit Tibilsi, explore the jewels of Caucasus, and get to know one of the oldest and kindest nations of the world!


Virtual tour of Kerala

Visit Venice of Asia and land of spices - Kerala! A tropical heaven where people live in perfect harmony with their green nature.

Top Melbourne day tours

Small group driver guided tours to show the must see of Melbourne

Melbourne Day tours

Classic tour of Melbourne

Melbourne features culture, magnificent architecture and beautiful gardens. On this tour feel Melbourne and its culture, with your heart and soul.

Small group tours

Great Ocean Road tour

Driver guided tour of Great Ocean Road, the most valuable day trip from Melbourne most magnificent ocean drive in Australia.

Small group tours

Phillip Island wildlife tour

The best Melbourne day tour of focusing Australian wildlife, enjoy scenic beaches, penguin parade and handfeed wallabies.

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