Bokhara The Capital of the Eastern Arts

If you ever had any dream from magic Baghdad in 1001 night stories, I can assure you that all those very dreams will fit into ancient Bokhara as well. Around 1000 years ago and in between 10th-13th centuries A.C Bokhara used to be the main business hub of the whole world! A majestic city right on the junction of Silk road with access to abundant water resources from Zarafshan river. The largest and richest city of the ancient time about where people used to tell so many stories of its unbelievable wonders to their kids. A decent size city in modern country of Uzbekistan, has so many hidden gems to offer any visitor.

Why Bokhara is important?

Apart from being a trade center, Bukhara was the epicenter of art, science and sophism too. It was a birthplace of modern Persian language, also Persian poetry. To impress you even more I need to add by our modern time standards, Bokhara had 140 schools.  Every single of them used to be an equivalent for high rank universities that we have in the world nowadays.

Bukhara’ population  wasmore than one million population while Moguls attacked there in 13 A.C. This disastrous invasion followed by the massacre of residents and destruction of the city by Chengiz khan’s army. Indeed the tragic ending point of those golden era.

Luckily a portion of those ancient glory recreated again in the later times and a big part of the art happened to be kept by the small number of survivors of Mogul invasion. That is how they have been passed to our modern time.Thanks to this luck, nowadays when you walk around old part of Bokhara, you can easily spot countless number of handicrafts, musicians and toy playings at every corner.

What you can do while visiting?

While you are there, you will be rewarded to time travel through its extraordinary heritage to one thousand years ago. The amazing architecture will charm you and trigger your sense of imagination. The admiring artwork will bring the old soul of the place, needless to say the food will be a sensory pleasure on top. Over the nights you might even get to dream about the caravans and their expensive cargo arriving from the gates. At the end, on your journey to Bokhara in addition to the beauties from the past, you can experience a mixture of Bokhara style Persian culture, Uzbek nomadic lifestyle and Soviet heritage in the same time.

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