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On this nine session series, every week we travel to a specific part of Iran for the duration of one hour, and will show attraction highlights  and share the stories and history of the place with you.


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Upcoming tour:

Azarbaijan, land of fires 

What we cover on this tour:

Date: Melbourne time: February 28st at 1pm (Sunday)
California time: February 27th at 6pm (Satureday)

Tour series

Isfahan half of the world

Isfahan that was once one of the largest cities in the world. On this tour you will be amazed by Iran capital of art and architecture.

Isfahan is an important city as it is located at the intersection of the two principal north–south and east–west routes that traverse Iran. Isfahan flourished from 1050 to 1722, particularly in the 16th and 17th centuries under the Safavid dynasty when it became the capital of Persia for the second time in its history under Shah Abbas the Great.

  Date: Melbourne time: January 31st at 2pm (Sunday)
Californiaa time: January 30th at 7pm (Satureday)


Shiraz, city of gardens, flowers and poetry

Join us on Shiraz tour to know more about the great poets and literature, wine (despite Iran being an Islamic republic since 1979), and flowers. It is indeed the city of gardens just imagine the smell of Jasmines and orange blossoms during its amazing spring.

Date: Melbourne time: February 7th at 1pm (Sunday))
California time: February 6th at 6pm (Satureday)

Tehran has a charm like no other place

Our ancient country has a modern part too, and Tehran is the best representative of that. Is it a crazy big city or a big vibrant place? To lots of people there is something in Tehran that makes everyone like it. We will take you around our capital, will show you the palaces, cool places and day to day life of people.

Date: Melbourne time: February 14th at 2pm (Sunday)
California time: February 13th at 7pm (Satureday)

Yazd will be an experience of being in a magic land! With desert all around, people in the city managed to develop a unique  architecture and culture. Yazd is nicknamed as the “City of Windcatchers” from its many examples. Not to forget its Zoroastrian heritage and time-honored confectioneries.

We will take you around beautiful Yazd and show the traditional houses, ab anbars (cisterns), qanats (underground channels), yakhchals (coolers), windcatchers(Badgirs) and also will introduce Zoroastrian community.

Date: Melbourne time: February 21st at 2pm (Sunday)
California time: February 20th at 7pm (Satureday)

Azarbaijan - land of fire

Azarbaijan is the North Western part of Iran, famous for its nature, local dance and music and rich culture. It is the land of people who always been the initiators! If you love pure nature, mountains and good food this tour is for you.

On this tour we will take you to Sabalan mountains, show you the Safavid heritage in Ardebil, Babak Citadel a center for the most exciting political movements in Iranian history, Kandovan village and Oroomieh lake and so many other things! On top of all it will be rich local music and dance! 

Date: Melbourne time: February 28th at 1pm (Sunday)
California time: February 27th at 6pm (Satureday)

Kurdistan, heavonly mountains of hopspitable people

Kurdistan has the most hospitable people in Iran, with sensational landscape including both high mountains and deep green valleys.

On this tour we will take you to Takht Soleiman the ancient Zoroastrian worship place, Karaftu cave and Howraman! We will also talk about Mahabad, Sanandaj and Kermanshah and Bistoon. And more importantly We will also talk about and show the rich local music and dance!

Date: Melbourne time: March 7th at 1pm (Sunday)
California time: March 6th at 6pm (Satureday)

Nomads and Sutherland

Southern part of Iran is a less visited place with countless attractions to offer. On this tour you will be surprised by so many unbelievable attractions and exotic nature! including Nomadic part of the south in the heart of Zagros mountains! Choghazanbil Ziggurat, Siraf the ancient harbour and  Shooshter water mills, Cities of Ahvaz and Booshehr also Hormoz Island! 

And as always we will share some highlights of the amazing music, dance and local culture in this area!

Date: Melbourne time: March 14th at 1pm (Sunday)
California time: March 13th at 6pm (Satureday)


Charm of desert

On this tour you will  explore various gorgeous desert landscapes such as Varzaneh, khor and Kalouts. Also you will enjoy architectural and cultural highlights of this area (Castles, gardens, water management system), learn about saffron – the red gold of desert, visit beautiful Nayband and meymand villages,know about Persian Cheetah and other interesting animals 

Plus local music and dance!

Date: Melbourne time: March 21st at 1pm (Sunday)
California time: March 20th at 6pm (Satureday)

The green North(Caspian sea region)

On this tour you can explore the beauty of the green jewel of Iran, Caspian Sea region (Guilan, Mazandaran and Golestan). The main highlights are:Hirkani forests, grasslands and rice fields, climbing Mt. Damavand the highest pick of the Middle East and  Alamkough the toughest one, Masouleh unique gorgeous village in the middle of forest, ancient Ghaleh Roodkhan castle and Khaled Nabi                                                  

Plus  you will enjoy local dances, music, cuisine and Turkmen culture!
Date: Melbourne time: March 28th at 1pm (Sunday)
California time: March 27th at 6pm (Satureday)
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