Kerala – God’s own country, Venice of Asia

Kerala is the lush Green estate in the country of vibrant colors and incredible landscapes. It owns everything India has to offer in a slightly different fashion. Here is the most southernly part and the closest to equator. An ideal place for people who are after having a large variety of nature-based activities and authentic cultural experiences in the same time. Having open arms towards the ocean and leaning back to Sahyan mountains have exposed Kerala to the wet winds. During moonsoon, Kerala receives a huge amount of annual rainfall from June to October. Abundance of water resources, from the highest to the lowest parts of the state is a gift of summer monsoons. The waters that numerous lives flourish due to them. You need to chase these water trails and leave with a thousand tales!
Before traveling to Kerala, don’t forget that Kerala has one of the oldest cultures in the world.  In fact, sometime sixty thousand years ago a group of human managed to sail their boats all the way from Africa to here. These pre-historic migrants formed the very early stage of Dravidian society which flourished with the late migrations. The oldest community still existing to the date, something unique doesn’t exist anywhere else on the planet!
However, over the time, this ancient community faced to a massive exposure to the different nations from around the world! As later and since around 2000 years ago Kerala became the center of attention of spice traders. For a big part of its history one of the most important ports on the Spice trade route. Leading by arrival of Vasco da Gama in 1498, famous black gold of Kerala – black pepper – attracted Europeans to here in 16th century. And that was the start of European influence and introduction of Christianity.
The continuous trade and merchants from everywhere landing in backwaters of Kerala, was the opportunity for different cultures to meet. People of these cultures met each other and inter-mixed peacefully over the time. Thanks to the mountains  Kerala had a strong protection against so many invasions that happened to the rest of mainland India. The resulted safety and stability contributed in nurturing the tolerance culture within the local communities. The lifestyles here highlights harmony with nature and other people simultaneously. Something inspiring for the rest of your life after you finished your trip.
When it comes to food, be prepared for the spiciest cuisine of India. Curry leaves are used for almost every single dish. I need to add that Kerala has the largest variety of different curries in India as well. In the special occasions, a wide variety of the foods serves on banana leaves when every one feasting together. The curries can be vegetarian based, sea-food based or have the whole variety of other kinds of meats. If you go to the northern parts of the estate you will get fried meals as with noticeably less spices, comparing to the south of course.
Tea plantation in Munar highlands, Spice, coconut and Rubber farms, back water life in Kochi with its astonishing boat houses – also popular as Venice of Asia- also popularly known as the Venice of Asia. The Coastal fishing communities and the way they catch fish is a wonderful experience of its own. A mesmerising nature trip which will slow down your body clock, which will leave you relax in the rejuvenated your mind and body.

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