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Melbourne alternative tour – Hipster tour of Melbourne

How about doing not a normal walking tour of Melbourne? To be more clear, that shows the most hipster places in Melbourne to you? So in this way you will get to see the other side of the city? The side which not everyone might like to talk about it?

Every city has a group of people who are not inline with the mainstream culture and here is no exception . Actually for some reason in Melbourne we used to have them more than usual and there is no judgment! This walking tour is about the stories of Bohemian artists, poitial activists, union people, social reformist also a bit about criminals and surprisingly brothels. We will walk through lots of laneways and backstreets the places that you would have never imagine they exist. And the best thing is you will find lots of hipster stuff, street arts and so many other touches.

What is included in the tour of hipster places of Melbourne?

Melbourne alternative culture tour starts from State Library of Victoria. We will spend almost an hour and fifteen minutes in Bohemian part of Melbourne. It will be lots of stories of nineteenth century. No it is time to walk towards Fitzroy. Fitzroy and its heart Brunswick street is the liveliest suburb of Melbourne.

On this part of the tour we will see the social reform street of Australia (Brunswick Street) which is one the most hipster places in Melbourne. Through this part we will share the stories of 60s and 70s artists, indigenous leaders and minority political groups who got to change Australia forever! Plus lots of Graffities and vintage shops will be all around!

Join our tour of Alternative culture, so you will get a Cultural Experience Tour from a totally different kind.


This is a 3.5 hours walking tour. The total distance is 5.5km and it is totally flat. We will start the tour from State Library of Victoria and finish it at Smith Street in Fitzroy, where is a short walk back to Melbourne CBD or few stops of Tram. There is a stop included on this tour.

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