Cool places not to be missed in Melbourne

The best of Melbourne – a guide to feel Melbourne like a local this Summer

According to lots of visitors Melbourne attractions are endless and diverse. How would you like to get Melbourne under your skin? It’s time you put your backpack on and start exploring. There are lots of walking tours available that can help you explore the real soul of the city Some tour suggestions

Federation Square

Not long ago Melbourne CBD didn’t have a central square or a common meeting area. Early governors were probably worried about people getting together to protest. So the urban planning didn’t provide any large open areas where people could gather. As a result, Melbourne municipality decided to build a new square next to Flinders station in 1999. This way Melbournians would enter the new millennium with a central city square. The final design was somehow controversial as it had nothing to do with lots of the Victorian style buildings in the old part of the city. Nowadays there is always something going on at Federation Square. The main stage supports lots of performances, buskers display their musical skills and there are free dance and sport classes. There’s a happy vibe. If you decided to dig deeper don’t miss the Indigenous Museum and Ian Potter Centre of modern art.

St. Kilda Beach can be the peak of your holiday in Melbourne

St. Kilda Beach has been the traditional party centre of the city. It is again one of the best places to visit in Melbourne with countless bars and restaurants on the astonishing Acland street.  The beach is beautiful and very peaceful when there are no festivals around.  Every February St. Kilda Festival attracts many young people. And most importantly, if you get to walk to the end of the St Kilda pier just before sunset a few little Penguins will be waiting for you. Tram no. 96 will easily take you to St. Kilda from Melbourne CBD.

Carlton and Fitzroy Gardens are highlights of Melbourne

Victoria is the state garden of Australia. Despite very high land prices, there are numerous gardens in the heart of the CBD. We suggest you don’t miss strolling through Carlton and Fitzroy Gardens. Carlton Gardens is a world heritage listed site. The garden is adorned by old European trees. At the top end sits Melbourne Exhibition Building, one of the venues for the Melbourne Olympics and Melbourne Museum. Fitzroy Gardens, with its great mixture of Australian and European trees is the most important garden of the city. This is the flower garden of Melbourne, rich in history and has played a major part in the social life of many Melbournians. Take your time to have a good walk around. Don’t miss other important landmarks like Capitan Cook’s Cottage and The Conservatory.

Beautiful walking trails along the Yarra River

Wherever there is water there is life. Yarra River is the lifeblood of the city. The word “Yarra” in indigenous language means waterfall. They used to call the river “Birra rung” which means “misty river”.   There are beautiful parklands on both sides of the river ideal for an evening stroll. This is also a great BBQ spot.

Chapel Street, lots of shopping during your time in Melbourne

Chapel Street is a long established street with colourful shops offering the latest Melbourne fashion. There are also many international restaurants and the young ones find it a cool place for its nightlife. Most of the residents in the area are international expats. Here you will also find Prahran Market, one of the best Melbourne attractions.

Sydney Road – Brunswick

No doubt Sydney Road in Brunswick is the most multi-cultural pieces of land in Melbourne. The narrow old road to Sydney and the Victorian gold fields is another hipster centre. Surely you need to use all your five senses to be able to fully embrace the real life flowing at every corner. So many vivid colours, delicious smells and eye-catching designs within  Turkish, Lebanese, Asian, Italian and Greek shops, confectionaries and restaurants. It definitely makes it difficult to chose.  Additionally there are many old classic pubs and hotels for a great night out. Bests of Melbourne, Multi-Cultural Life –>

Other Melbourne Experiences:

Hipster tour of Melbourne

Melbourne trouble makers tour

As name suggests, this walking tour is about the groups who were against mainstream culture. From alternative artists to political activists, and from social reformers to criminals. Some bright characters and some other dark ones.

Phillip Island Tour

Private Phillip Island wildlife tour

Explore the incredible wilderness of Phillip Island, famed for its rugged beaches and penguin parades.

Culture Quest Tour

Classic walking tour of Melbourne (Small group)

Experience the captivating architecture, lush gardens, and cultural heart of Melbourne.

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