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On this post we introduce featured online travel experiences, so you can visit some of the best attractions in the world. These experiences include various landmarks around the globe and also some of the most popular museums. To start the journey simply click on the links at each part to go to the experience page. And who knows, your next travel destination might be to one of these online destinations. Our team in Culture Quest Tours does regularly introduce various experiences and destinations around the world. Please join our facebook page to get the new posts.

Featured Outdoor Online Travel Experiences

Pyramids of Egypt

We start our online travel today with the pyramids in Egypt. Located in the middle of desert but not far from Nile river, there are still lots mysteries within this historic area. Can’t wait to visit this ancient wonder of the world online? Here are the links to go to Valley of the Kings and also Luxor.

Online Travel

Machu Piccu in Peru

Our next destination is another wonder of ancient world, which is located at the end of a beautiful walk including amazing views. Indeed there are few different paths to Machu Piccu with different duration. If you get to travel to Machu Piccu in the real life, please pick the right track  that fits your timing and fitness level.

Machu Piccu


Istanbul is the jewel of the East. Where its magical vibe Mixes the natural beauty of Bosporus with magnificent history and architecture. Not surprisingly, the old Byzantium and Modern Istanbul with 12 millions population has a lot to offer. Old mosques, churches, bazaars and street foods…. Put Istanbul in your bucket list. the

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Far East is our next destination. Everyone believes that China is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Visit Forbidden City, Great Wall of China in Beiing and Jing’un temple in Shanghai by clicking the travel China link here.

Online Travel

Visit Featured Virtual Museum

Have you enjoyed our trip so far? In the real world the best way to see hundreds of artistic masterpieces all together is to go to a good museum. It is the same case in online travel too.  Follow the links below and enjoy so many different treasures from different kinds here:

online travel experience
Online travel

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