Persian carpet

What is carpet and why Persian rugs are so excuisite:

Speaking about Iran, Persian rug  is one of the first things that comes to mind. Carpet is an ancient art created by the the time human used to have a nomadic life. During these period (6000-5000) years ago until present time, nomadic people used to move from a place to place and look after the sheeps. Over the time, this nomadic people had developed special technics and arts to use the wool out of their livestocks for different purposes. To name a few, clothing, making tents and most importantly carpets.

Carpets used to weave by women, a tradition which still continues to this modern time. Thousands of knots altogether form a carpet usually with a design symbolically reflecting spring, abstract shapes, old stories etc. The quality is pretty much related to the weaving technic, number of knots per given area, quality of dyes etc.

Where have the design and symbols and Persian rug came from?

Spring time in Iran and countries around is a short 2-3 months period when all of a sudden everyehere turns green and colourful flowers blossom as far as human eyes see. Apart from covering the floor,and protecting residents from the coldness and moisture of the ground, the designs on the carpets bring colourful spring into Iranian homes all year round, and walking on the carpet reminds them walking in the beautiful nature over the spring time. Not to forget the importance of spring in Iranian culture and Persian new year.

Next time watching a carpet, remember all these colourful knots next to each other, reminding you of spring, rebirth and new life.

Why Persian carpet is so expensive?

Lots of people believe Carpet has woven in Iran for the first time. Over the centuries and through lots of trial and error, Iranians have managed to find  out what are the best woold, natural dyes and weaving methods. By using this traditional knowledge they are able to produce high quality and durable carpets. Interesting to know, usually Persian carpets became more expensive when aged. The colours on Persian carpets are very resistant and you can wash them very well. Also, over the time hundreds of different designs have been developped across the country. The colourful designs that add to attraction of Persian carpets.

Would you like to know more about Persian carpet?

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