Phillip Island Tour

Tour of Australian Wildlife Dream: Little Penguins Tour

Phillip Island on the south coast is a safe haven for thousands of penguins, seals, wallabies and lots other unique birds. Your  full day Little Penguins Tour will be a fantasy escape from big city that will create an unforgettable memory  like no other thing.  Hundreds of little penguins getting out of the water together,  waddling toward their burrows while, calling each other and from time to time tumbling over is a real dream.

Our Small Group Phillip Island Tour is a 10 hour tour, with a slightly later start. Starting time change with the season, but definitely gives you a much more relaxed time in the morning. After departing from Melbourne there is an easy one hour and half drive to the Island.

On the way to Phillip Island, we will visit Mauro Sanctuary, which is a perfect place to handfeed Kangaroos and got close to Koalas.  So you will get to encounter these cute animals from very close, have some great shots from your trip to Australia.  All the children and adults love this playful part of the tour which is just a start for this memorable day.

What more to expect on Philip Island Tour

  •  Beautiful coastline with dramatic views from Southern Ocean
  •  Wallabies hopping around next to the ocean views
  •  Big Geese feel free to make the bus to stop and wait until they cross the road
  •  Huge waves lapping the shore
  • You will loose the passage of time 

More notes on Phillip Island Tour

  • Penguins will get out f the water on sunset, for this reason we will have a late return
  • The dinner will be at Penguin center
  •  Flashlights are extremely harmful for little Penguins, so it is forbidden to take photos from Penguin parade

Tour itinerary:

  • Mauru Sanctuary
  •  Woolamai Beach
  •  Nobbies
  •  Penguin Center