Samarkand (Samarghand) the capital of Timur lane


Hilly Samarghand (Samarkand) was the center of ancient Soghdians. The city is surrounded by acres of fruit gardens. It is famous for its tasty figs, sweet grapes and good quality wines. Repeatedly mentioned in the ancient legends of Persian heros, also Chinese books. The whole place is super old and rich in history. In addition to that it has a pleasant weather and lots of waters Samarkand  is definitely a place worthy of a long flight to visit.

The beloved capital of Timur lane is proud of some of the most beautiful buildings along Silk road. Not a matter of surprise -Timure -living around 700 years ago – is a national hero in his country but one of the most hated in lots of others. He was passionate for war and killing, also for culture and art in the same time. Over a big course of his life, he was busy to conquer the world and destroy its cities, but provided the best possible teachers for his children. He managed to gather lots of treasures out of his victories – the waelth that has been spent on making Samarghand the envy of the world. Proving him being in an unconditional love with his beautiful Samarghand.


Luckily Timur’s successors inherited his passion for art and culture, rather than war and conquer. All of them spent their lives to nurture prosperity, art and culture within the cities under their rule. As a result of these endeavours, they established one of the most creative schools in art and architecture. Timurid time was a productive age of art that had a deep influence across central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran, even to our modern days. Also, Timurid kings managed to create balance among Persian, Turkish and Mogul people in their teritorry. They maintained a focus on Persian as the common language of science and art, rather than Arabic that used to be the focus during early Islamic centuries.

What to do in Samarghand


Modern Samarkand (Samarghand) is the second largest city of Uzbekistan with more than 700,000 people. The old part of the city has become Unesco heritage since 2001. And this is the main part that can surprise you with its incredible beauty. Rigistan square, Shah e Zendeh and Amir Timur tomb are among few places that can take you to the travel of time while you are visiting Samarkand. Don’t forget to go to Samarkand market, try the tasty fruits and spend a fair bit of time in Rigistan square over the night.


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