Virtual Cooking Classes:

 Get ready beforehand with the list of ingredients and equipment from the preparation list and recipe.  We teach different menus on these classes and at each class you will learn to cook a:

  1. Starter(Preparation video will be sent beforehand
  2. Main meal
  3. Dessert
By learning how to cook any menu, you will be able to learn a range of similar foods very easy.

Why you should join us:

Persian cooking class

Cook and eat together

Bring together your friends and family, no matter where they are in the world, and spend two hours connecting and cooking together.

Persian cooking class

More than just cooking

This experience is more than just a cooking class; it’s also an introduction to Persian food culture.

Persian cooking class

Easy and delicious

along with a professional international chef that will guide you step by step through your virtual culinary journey. ​

Our cooking classes

You can join a single one to see what it’s like or book all in the group. All classes include an appetizer, a main course and a dessert.

Upcoming classes:

Menu 4 from meat lover seri

Date: 6th February

Persian Cooking Class

Veggies lovers classes

Meat lovers classes

Quick and easy for the busy

Culture Quest pick

Interested in Persian cuisine?

We have very interesting resources you can access about this. And some more explanations go here.