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Virtual Tour of Persia Plus

Virtual Tours
How do you like a new way to help you exploring the world differently? By using 3D imaging technology you will feel that you are almost in the place! It is a trip hugely cheaper than a real one which will be interactive, fun and insightful. Plus it can refresh your amazing memories of Iran if you have been there.
On this 100 minute guided tour we cover modern life in Iran, core cultural elements and visit the main cities on classic route of the country. Tehran, Isfahan (The Florence of the east),lovely Shiraz and Yazd with its exotic architecture.
  • Virtually travel to the destinations which is not easy to travel to.
  •  Do it safely from comfort of your home
  • Get the taste of a new place without spending much
  • Know you future destination deeper for better planning
  • Give a great gift to your beloved one
  • Have a virtual tour together with your friends far away!
  • Join to our club of culture lover people! So you will know about future tours and you can ask your questions regarding to those destinations