Virtual Tours of Australia for travel lovers to feel like a local

Are you at home all the time and had to cancel all your travel plans due to Corona Virus outbreak? Apparently all the travel lovers looking into the time that they can travel easily again. Unavoidable social distancing which is a huge barrier to be able to visit new places. But there is a solution for everything. In this post we are providing you with various virtual tours of Australia from All round.  So in this way you get to visit lots of our beautiful landscapes like you are here. Whereas you won’t need to sit in the plane for 20 hours and spend hundreds of dollar. By using the links below yo can also take part in lots of great experiences virtually.  Here are some examples:

  • Sunrise Yoga in Byron Bay
  • Having Aussie brekkie in Bondi Beach
  • Also snorkling in Great Barrier Reef           

Our Featured Virtual Tours:

Tours Quensland

Are you into wildlife? Have a look at Koalas:

Let’s start our virtual tour of Australia from Koalas. By clicking on this link:  live streams you can see how these cute Koalas feeling. Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome and Rainforestation Nature Park. Also, tune into their Tik Tok’s featuring some of the parks favourite cheeky animals.

Getting wet: Snorkeling at Lady Elliot Islands:


After encountering the cute animals, it is time to get in to the water. Experience a virtual snorkel at Lady Elliot Islands Lagoon and Encounters & Spiders Ledge.    Do you like to see more of Lady Elliot Island:The Island flora & fauna & a Reef Walk; Sea Stars too. 

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour of Alice Springs: Exploring Australian Outback

From sunny and warm Queensland, we will go to the outback. Explore Alice Springs Desert Parks Discover from Home video series which features some of the park’s highlights. 

Yarra Valley: Not far from Marvelous Melbourne:

Well, you have been travelling for a while now. It is time to have a glass of wine. At this step of our journey take part in a virtual cellar door experience from home – Yarra Valley wine Down chats via Instagram & taste along with the winemakers at home.

Virtual Toura

Featherdale Wildlife Park:

Hold on! We did Queensland and Melbourne, what about Sydney then? Engage in Wildlife around Sydney experience of Featherdale & Mogo and #askazookeeper to check in on some of the park’s favourite animals. 


Kangaroo Island: Exceptionally pure an unforgettable part of tour of Australia

Our next destination is somewhere near Adelaide. Feel the dream-like Kangaroo Island via Exceptional Kangaroo Island of the island and listen to Spotify playlists inspired by elements of the island.

Virtual Tour

We have been all around Australia now. It is time for some Adrenaline! Check this impressive  range of virtual experience Busselton Jetty from train tours, to night tours and even workout videos allowing you to experience the Jetty like never before.

The party It hasn't finished yet:

Here is a two-day virtual tour of Australia. By joining this event which is hosted by tourism Australia, you can enjoy a wide range of online tours and experience around the country. To book and join the online tours, easily click on the link below and register:


Did you enjoy the Virtual Tours?

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