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It is cooler to see Melbourne this way! Walking Tours of Melbourne

Strolling around Melbourne, hearing the stories of every corner and people used to live there and having lots of great touches! It is a good way to absorb the feeling of new place. You also will get to walk a little bit which means some physical exercise. You will feel a good friend of yours showing you around while doing walking tours of Melbourne.

We have designed this small group tours in a away that participants can see different layer of the city. So in this way they can get a very good grasp of Melbourne, its people and culture.

Walking Experiences we offer at Culture Quest Tours:

We have three walking tours to offer, which each of them has a different theme. Our walking tours include:

  • Classic Melbourne walking Tour: Despite all the other cities in Australia, . Because of this Melbourne has a totally different city comparing to other Australian cities. As it is the result of the free will of people. This is a 3 hours tour, that through that we will cover a big part of 19th century Melbourne to the modern times.
  • Melbourne Alternative or History of trouble makers: As name suggests, this walking tour is about the groups who were against mainstream culture. From alternative artists to political activists, and from social reformers to criminals. Some bright characters and some other dark ones. This is a 3.5 half hour tour starts from city and ends in Fitzroy.
  • To the hear of Migrants – Tour of Sydney Road: This is an amazing tasting and ethnic walking tour of Melbourne. Sydney Road which is the main street of Brunswick is truly a strange unique part of Melbourne. The reason this place is different is that since the start Almost all of cultural minorities have picked this place to live. Starting by Irish, Italian, Greeks, Turkish, Lebanese and Indians and so many others used to live here. All these people set up their communities and created their own version of Australian culture. of them living together, has created a great cultural mosaic.