Why visit Melbourne with a tour?

Melbourne Day Tours can add a lot to your holiday experience 

A very well developed tourism industry can provide you with all different kinds of day tours.  For example, Cultural Tours, Classic Sightseeing Tours, Eco Tours and Theme Tours, such as Food Tours, Ghost Tours, etc to name a few. Nowadays a wide range of tour companies operate in Melbourne with great customer service. Based on your preferences, it is fairly easy to find the right Melbourne Day tour company or tour guide to enrich your Melbourne and Australian experience. Here is the place that you can find a qualified tour guide: Professional Tour Guide Association of Australia Using day tours is the perfect way to make the most of your visit when you are travelling to a new place. First of all, a tour guide will facilitate your favourite experience. Secondly, knowing, where, who and when, will save a lot of time and effort for you, which means saving undesirable costs.     Degrave Street - Melbourne Lanes day tours Enjoying coffee and tea at a cafe in a laneway[/caption]

Some reasons why Melbourne must be on your bucket list:

Melbourne is a prosperous well developed city and is home to more than 200 different cultures. For this reason, you can easily have a really wide range of experiences within different locations in the city.
  • Lots of different sport and cultural events, including Australian Open, Grand Prix, Moomba Festival, Fashion Festival.
  • Endless beaches
  • Eclectic foods and cuisine
  • Great shopping
  • Lots of art galleries and museums
  • Lots of Gardens
  • Hipster and Bohemian Culture
Melbourne will definitely impress you at every corner. As a result of massive European and Chinese migration from the 19th Century, there are countless beautiful building and gardens right next to a fantastic China town.  Whoever moved here, has brought his or her culture, cuisine and creative ideas. And these all together, form the beautiful multi-cultural mosaic we have here which is once in a lifetime trip.

Other Melbourne Experiences:

Hipster tour of Melbourne

Melbourne trouble makers tour

As name suggests, this walking tour is about the groups who were against mainstream culture. From alternative artists to political activists, and from social reformers to criminals. Some bright characters and some other dark ones.

Phillip Island Tour

Private Phillip Island wildlife tour

Explore the incredible wilderness of Phillip Island, famed for its rugged beaches and penguin parades.

Culture Quest Tour

Classic walking tour of Melbourne (Small group)

Experience the captivating architecture, lush gardens, and cultural heart of Melbourne.

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