Yazd: City of windcatchers

Yazd Friday mosque

Yazd: City of windcatchers

Yazd is in the center of trade routes from one side and have a very challenging environment from anothrt side. From windcatcher to Qanats, we can realise how people in Yazd – masters of traditional engineering since more than 2000 years ago- hase made this place livable..

Amir Chakhmaq Complex

The dryest city in the country!

Yazd is the dryest city in the country. The summers are burning and winters are freezing. There is absolutely no mountain or natural stream of water in any distance less than 60km from the city. For this reason  over the centuries, an exotic architecture has developed here. The architecture has a unique style that visitors usually describe it as like nowhere else on the planet.

Traditional water reservoir

What makes Yazd unique?

Locals managed to transfer the water by digging underground water channels (Qanats). Most qanats transfering the water from distances such as 60-100km away. Altogether the Qanatscreate a network. This network of the qanats hands in hands with ab-anbars (water reservoirs) and Yakhchals (ice-houses) created reliable water supply for people to stay and live.

Old city of Yazd and windcatcher

But what is windcatcher?

The houses have a great insulation to maintain the temperature as close as possible to comfort level in every season. In summer time windcatchers cooling them effectively same as modern perfect air conditioners. The windcatchers can catch the wind from every direction. Then they channelise the wind and pressurise it. Then a little pool right down the tunnel cool down the air. It is easy to say now that the cool air cool down the whole house.

What makes the windcatchers the engineering masterpieces is that despite modern air conditionors they don’t use any electricity at all and their water consumption is minimal.

Old city of Yazd

How will be your experience there?

You can walk in the streets and alleys of Yazd for hours and enjoy lots of details and beautiful houses at every corner. Yazd bazar is a treasure of handmade crafts. Also its traditional confectionories has a national popularity for their baklavas and fairy floss. People are extremely hard working and honest, and they develop such an amzing trust culture, that had made their city the safest place in the country to travel and live.

Tiling : Yazd Friday Mosque

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